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The Company

Mineseeker Operations is a major brand operating unique technology that can detect surface and sub-surface objects whilst simultaneously mapping the area to provide a visual overlay of the graphic images. Principally involved in the business of landmine and unexploded ordnance detection, Mineseeker is also focussed on developing the humanitarian benefits arising from the deployment of its technology through its “Aid Free Zone” business. Aid Free Zones will dramatically change the landscape of the global aid programme by building economically viable communities that do not rely on aid but rather on support to develop their own businesses by creating a market for products and resources. Aid Free Zone Southern Africa has recently been created and has acquired the controlling interest in a coconut processing plant in Mozambique.

The Technology

The Mineseeker technology is a fusion of multi-spectral images, which have been developed and extensively trialled. Each system has been designed to survey up to 5 square kilometres per day, at a considerable cost and schedule saving for the client over traditional clearance methods. The following video explains the technology:

The Market

Currently the United Nations (along with many other authorities) state that there are over 100 million land mines buried in 70 countries; that it will take hundreds of years to clear, at a cost of $50 billion. These figures exclude Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Moreover, in excess of 80% of the land designated as mined is actually free of landmines. Mineseeker will concentrate on wide area reduction, identifying minefields, and releasing land surveyed as ‘mine field free’ back to practical usages, quickly and without the need for additional costs of clearance.

The process of land release dramatically increases the land available for the economic benefit of the local population and enables businesses to develop the land for agriculture, tourism, mineral exploration, and construction as applicable.


Potential customers include governments, international funding agencies, and businesses with a commercial interest in land reclamation, such as oil and gas corporations.
Furthermore, these markets also have requirements for specialist aerial surveying and mapping outside the field of minefield clearance.


Mineseeker is uniquely placed to deliver a cost effective, efficient solution to one of the most economically devastating, man-made problem affecting the world today.

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