Mineseeker Evaluates New Rotor Aircraft

September 30, 2011

Richard Trueman, Director of Operations, has been evaluating a new rotor aircraft for possible use as an aerial platform. While the Robinson 44 is the designated choice of Mineseeker, having been successfully trialed in Croatia, the company is always looking for innovative aviation developments – to stay on the leading edge of the landmine detection business.

Richard has a background as a test pilot for both the UK affiliate of Eurocopter, the largest rotorcraft manufacturer in the world, and AgustaWestland, a global manufacturer of rotorcraft. He brought his substantial knowledge of aircraft to the business, as well as a broad-based technical background and experience in managing deployed team operations in environmentally challenging conditions. Having graduated from the one-year test pilot course at the Empire Test Pilot School in the UK, he has been trained to use and test a variety of airborne systems including radar and other avionics.

He has been working with Rotorsport UK Ltd in flight testing programs. This developed into an opportunity to evaluate the new aerial platform while generating revenue for the Mineseeker group. Rotorsport financed his conversion training onto gyroplanes and over the past few months, as well as developing the Mineseeker product, Richard has been involved in flight-testing on behalf of Rotorsport in both the UK and at their gyroplanes partner company in Germany.  He is now authorized by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to act as Test Pilot for Rotorsport.

Far from being a distraction to his Mineseeker activities, it has provided him with an opportunity to assess an alternative and extremely cost-effective airborne platform for its suitability for possible use by Mineseeker, or in other roles. It is worth noting that the Rotorsport gyroplanes are not the home kit built enthusiast type aircraft that spring to mind when gyroplanes are mentioned; they are factory built aircraft that are certified to meet the stringent UK CAA airworthiness requirement Section T. Richard commented ‘As well as my evaluation of gyroplanes for Mineseeker, the provision of specialist aerospace consultancy, gyroplane operation or other related technologies is a key part of the development of Seeker Technologies’ “Airseeker” brand, and the group’s aerial services product offering. I believe that the Rotorsport product range could be very useful to Mineseeker as well as an exciting new, low cost aircraft for the social flyer. We are investigating setting up an instructor training facility and flight schools in the UK and USA’.

Edward Cross – CEO, Mineseeker Operations