Mineseeker Flight Operations Update – 5 March 2012

Mineseeker’s Operations Director, Richard Trueman, has successfully completed the helicopter training that he began in February.  Richard renewed the Eurocopter Ec135 type rating and then went on to pass the Single-Pilot Multi-Engine instrument rating also on the Ec135; both qualifications are now reflected on his Airline Transport Pilots License for helicopters. Richard said, “with my license now revalidated and ready for use, I am now fully qualified to undertake VFR and IFR operations in both open and controlled airspace and comply with  the European air laws on flight crew licensing coming in to force in April this year”

“My next project will be to undertake unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operations to get some real hands on experience of flying unmanned platforms with sensor mounted equipment including high definition and infra-red cameras”, he added.

Richard Trueman in an Ec135

Richard has already been trained in the use of UAV ground control stations and this is the next step in being able to operate UAVs for aerial survey and mapping operations.  This experience will underpin Mineseeker’s ability to deploy UAVs for minefield mapping and assist with technical input in relation to the Morgan Aircraft development announced in January this year.