Mineseeker Presents Solution to Unexploded Ordnance in South Africa

February 29, 2012

Mineseeker Operations, through its joint venture company, Mineseeker Operations Southern Africa has held important meetings regarding opportunities to deploy its landmine survey systems in Southern Africa.

The Mineseeker team presented the technology to Major General Matlakeng, Chief Director in the South African National Defence Force, together with Brigadier General Pule and Brigadier General Modise who were the first people, outside the company, to be shown sample results of the industry demonstration that Mineseeker conducted in Croatia.

‘The Generals could clearly see suspect sub-surface targets and quickly realised how the system could be used to rapidly identify landmines and unexploded ordnance such as that found on military ranges in South Africa’ commented Mineseeker CEO, Mike Kendrick.

Mineseeker Southern Africa director Tabane Ramokolo added, ‘Clearing up areas affected by unexploded ordnance is an important step in returning land to the people of South Africa. The Generals were clearly impressed by the advances in the technology and immediately saw the potential for several other African countries such as Angola and Mozambique with whom they have close ties’.

Some of the countries within the Southern African Development Community are amongst the worst affected countries in the world, in Angola alone there are 50 thousand amputees and huge areas of land that cannot be used for housing, agriculture or the mining of the valuable minerals found there. It is having a devastating effect on the economy and communities across the whole region.

Eric Du Plessis, a South African citizen said, ‘This meeting represents a game changing opportunity for Mineseeker and for the people of Southern Africa. The need, particularly in Angola, is now and we must respond to the Generals’ advice. With their support, Mineseeker is poised to enter into further discussions to deploy the technology and develop the Aid Free Zone programs in order to create sustainable growth and local wealth to the area, which is an integral part of the Mineseeker ethos. It is hugely exciting to play our part in helping these countries to resettle their land that has been unusable and for which there are established government funding programs available’.

Left to right, Brig. General Pule, Major General Matlakeng, Mike Kendrick, Brig. General Modise at their headquarters in Pretoria, RSA.

Safe Harbor Statement

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