Mozambique Development

The last week of March saw the Mineseeker Operations management team in Mozambique for meetings with high-level ministers and dignitaries for a fact finding mission and to present the new Mineseeker landmine detection technology.

Mike Kendrick, Ed Cross, Mark Dorey and Kai Von Pannier of Mineseeker travelled to the Inhambane Province of Mozambique which is  an area highly impacted by landmines. After meeting with the Governor of Imhambane’s office they headed to the capital of Maputo. While travelling on the main road, they were greeted by the sight of landmine demarcation tape right next to the side of the road. This land  is populated by subsistence farmers a mere 30km outside of the town Maxixe,  in fact a sugar cane plantation was adjacent to the cordoned area.

“This just goes to show the extent of the problem here in Mozambique” says Ed Cross (CEO Mineseeker Operations). “There is still land right in the middle of populated areas that contain landmines and UXO. This incident was not 3 metres off the main national road through Mozambique.”

Edward Cross, CEO

The team also did presentations to the Institute of Demining where they were well received and discussions were held on developing a roadmap for the future deployment of the Mineseeker technology in Mozambique.

Mineseeker’s unique value proposition of not only detecting landmines, but then enabling the people affected to develop the released land agriculturally  and  commercially was of particular interest to the Mozambican authorities as well as corporate and private investors.

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