Technology- Development

During the last decade, the quality of Ground Penetrating Synthetic Aperture Radar (GPSAR) has significantly improved, and the techniques for location identification (GPS), land mass mapping (Google Earth), and data analysis techniques using dedicated graphic processing chips have also leapt forward so that the concept can now be turned into a full solution. Although initially the outputs will require some human interpretation, we anticipate that in the future, data processing can be fully automated.

This can also be coupled with video / photographic data and GPS data so that the output will be a human readable map showing clearly the location of UXO in relation to visual features as well as precise GPS co-ordinates.

Extensive trials in the USA are showing outcomes that take this technology into new areas of achievement, as far as results and images are concerned. The technology / equipment box can be carried by a variety of conventional aircraft.

Recent trials of the technology have been successfully conducted using the R44 helicopter as a carriage platform.